Oil System Flush’n’Clean FÖRCH 5*

  • Eliminates contaminants and resin deposits throughout the oil and lubrication circuit
  • Frees up sticking piston rings, removes resin deposits and cleans the upper cylinder area
  • Neutralizes harmful engine acids


  • Prevents contamination of the new oil caused by old oil leftovers
  • Reduces fuel consumption as well as the exhaust emission
  • Ensures the engine performance and reduces the component wear of aggregates

Fields of application:

  • For all petrol and diesel engines
  • Also suitable for manual transmission and differentials


  • Suitable for up to 6 l of oil
  • Add to engine oil prior to every oil change. Allow engine to idle for approx. 15 minutes. Drain old oil and replace oil filter. Replenish engine with new oil according to to manufacturer’s instructions

Art No. 6750 7036

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