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  • Permanently repairs leaks up to 0.3 mm on rubber and metal components of vehicle
  • A/C systems.
  • Polymer-free: does not react with moisture and oxygen. Does not clog A/C
  • systems’ components.
  • Safe for metal and rubber components of vehicle A/C systems.
  • Visible when exposed to any UV lamp.
  • Non-flammable, non-irritating, safe for the operator.
  • Extends compressor life and significantly reduces its noise.
  • The professional choice for preventive maintenance.
  • Compatible with all refrigeration lubricants.
  • Compatible with hybrid and electric vehicles.

Dosage: 1 cartridge (6 mL – 0.2 fl oz) fixes 1 vehicle.

Cartridge: Compatible with all refrigerant gases, including R12, R134a, R1234yf and CO2.

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