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Performance Enhancer for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems – 6 mL

Cool-Shot Ultra is an innovative additive to restore and maintain the original efficiency of air conditioning and refrigeration systems, including those of vehicles.

Specifically, Cool-Shot Ultra eliminates oil fouling (a chemical phenomenon that leads oil to accumulate on the walls of the refrigeration lines) and restores the heat exchange, thus reducing both energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Cool-Shot Ultra is compatible with all refrigeration lubricants and refrigerants, including R12, R134a, R1234yf, CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs, R32 and HFO, except R717 (ammonia).

It can be used also to restore the original efficiency of the air conditioning systems of hybrid and electric vehicles.

Cool-Shot Ultra is also available in the aerosol can format, Push&Fill, for application in vehicle A/C systems.



  • Restores and maintains the original efficiency of AC/R systems.
  • Removes oil fouling.
  • Restores heat exchange in refrigeration lines.
  • Increases the efficiency of the compressor lubricant without causing chemical changes.
  • Extends compressor life and reduces its noise.
  • Reduces the maintenance costs of the AC/R system.
  • Reduces the energy consumption of the system and CO2 emissions.
  • Does not alter the refrigerant gas.
  • Permanent action over time.
  • Safe for all air conditioning and refrigeration systems (automotive and HVAC/R).
  • Compatible with all refrigeration lubricants and refrigerant gases, except ammonia R717.
  • Visible when exposed to UV lamp.
  • Ideal for preventive maintenance.


Automotive: 1 cartridge (6 mL) per vehicle.

HVAC/R: 1 cartridge (6 mL) for systems up to 21 kW or 700 mL of compressor lubricant.


Weight0,061 kg
Dimensions22 × 3,5 × 3 cm
AdapterA+B (1/4 SAE)A+B (R134a)A+B+C (1/4 SAE + 5/16 SAE)A+B+C (R134a + R1234yf)A+C (5/16 SAE)A+C (R1234yf)Without Adapters

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